The brand-defining films we produce are to 'tell a story/vision' about your product or service, in combination with your brand and customer's needs. These videos are designed to present crucial information, in a short time period in order to leave an impression of your product or service.

Video is increasingly the most effective way of selling and differentiating your business. We have worked with a wide variety of business types and sizes in so many industries.. we have filmd in the UK and all over the world such as Amsterdam, China, Spain, Thailand, Hong Kong and many other destinations.

By using creative video you are adding another dimension to your company’s branding.  Being able to show your customers the personality behind the logo creates a closer connection between you and the consumer making them far more likely to do business.
We tailor your vision to suit your business personality, please enquire for a free consultation today!

Industrial Area


"Memory Box Media produced a video for Hall-Fast to help promote our business, they were fantastic and the quality of their video was exceptional, I can highly recommend them and I have already reffered them onto some of our suppliers. Thanks again"

Malk Hall, Hallfast Industrial