Me,myself & Memorybox..

Memory Box Media is a professional videography and editing company founded by Megan Blatherwick in late 2017.
We help our personal and business clients capture and produce cost effective videos.
From weddings and other personal occasions (anniversaries, birthdays etc.) through to business videos (adverts, promotional videos and testimonials) – Memory Box Media always offer a professional and personable service.

We are flexible in how we work with different clients. For example, some want a complete one stop shop where we provide all the filming, production and editing, whilst others just want us to edit the film they have captured themselves or via a third party.

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My approach to documenting a wedding is to be completely discreet. I want to respect the environment of a wedding day, for both you and your guests. Generally, no one will even know they are being filmed. I truly believe that through my relaxed approach, I’m not only able to deliver, but will ultimately be able to provide the most natural, intimate and emotive results.


You want your wedding to be captured, but not feel like it’s being interrupted. So I’ll dress the part and I’ll blend in, there’s no direction, posing or cameras pointed in faces, and in stripping all this away, the focus can remain on the important stuff.. creating a lasting legacy of memories using natural light and real cinematic techniques.

I love getting to know my couples, hearing their stories and capturing their day. Each time, the story is completely unique, and I can’t wait to tell yours.


Obviously if you’re going to entrust us to make your video, you need to know a bit about our training and relevant experience.

I studied film and media production at the renowned Confetti Media Institute in Nottingham. This 3-year course provided a great foundation in the true art of film production. I learned how to plan, capture and create magical edits to showcase a story or occasion.

I went onto work for Bournemouth based Ego Media and was part of their team working on location in Ibiza during the summer of 2017. The work was varied and high quality. Projects included promotional videos for top restaurants and filming events at the world’s biggest super clubs.

In 2017 I decided to use my skills, experience and confidence to start my own video production company and Memory Box was born. 

I look forward to helping you with your video production requirements.

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